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Straight From Our Happy Clients

Me and my husband are of Scottish descent but were born in Chicago. For us the traditions of the country where our grandparents came from are very important. That is why when I was planning our wedding, I wanted to recreate the atmosphere of old Edinburgh. You can't even imagine how happy I was when I found out that there is an old Scottish-style castle in the Midwest. My husband and I love winter. Yes, this is very unusual. That’s why we decided to celebrate our wedding during the holiday season in December 2021. The main decoration of our ballroom was a large Christmas tree. Our wedding color palette was red and green plaid with big bows on each chair, our silverware was gold plated which was inspired by the Ralph Lauren Home catalogs. We took a lot of ideas from them. Also, I can't even describe how beautiful the snowy grounds of the castle looked on our wedding day. I understand that not everyone loves winter like we do, but if you are that rare kind of person, then trust me this place is definitely for you. Not every wedding location can boast that it can look perfect in any season of the year, but Meyer’s Castle definitely does!


This venue was God sent!

I was looking for the perfect venue for an intimate civil ceremony. My sister mentioned this venue. I went to visit and I fell in love. It is the perfect venue for a romantic wedding. And wonderful for any special occasion. The bridal sweet was specious and convenient. Not to mention the service, food, drinks, and overall ambiance. Great management and staff: Elizabeth and Carolyn were so pleasant. Our experience was beyond our expectations. My husband and I had the wedding of our dreams and our guest were blown away with the venue. Oh and not to mention what a beautiful touch the peacocks add to the experience. I suggest scheduling a visit! I hope my review will help many. 


I first saw Meyer's Castle when we held an event there for my job. There was such a magical essence to the place. As I took the liberty of walking around the grounds, I knew this was the place where I would have my wedding. My boyfriend and I had no intention of getting married at that time, but I called him excitedly and told him, I found the perfect place for our wedding! Honestly, I think it was the peacocks that won me over.

I spoke to the owners Sergio and Elizabeth, which by the way, are the sweetest people in the world! They said they'd be happy to accomodate us once we decide to get married. Needless to say, one month later we were engaged and in three months planned a beautiful wedding at Meyer's Castle! We honestly couldn't have done it without the help of our wedding coordinator, Eva. She is such an incredible asset to Meyer's Castle and my husband and I recommend her services if you're planning to have your wedding there. She is very professional and what she told us the first day we met her is true: "I plan each and every wedding as if it were my own daughter getting married."

We looked at almost every venue in Northwest Indiana and none even came close to the beauty and elegance that Meyer's Castle has. It made for remarkable pictures! Our guests wouldn't stop talking about how impressive the place is and how great the chicken piccatta was. 

Everything the day of the wedding ran smoothly. We had both the ceremony and reception there. The serving staff was quick and efficient. Our guests had a great time and many of them stayed afterwards for the reggae night they hosted. 

Having our wedding at Meyer's Castle made our special day unforgettable and if you're considering having your wedding there, let me tell you, it is absolutely worth your investment!


I had my wedding here in September 2020, and overall Meyers Castle exceeded expectations. After reading negative reviews and complaints online, its hard not to be a bit weary about how your wedding day will play out. From the start, they were always quick to respond to my emails and phone calls. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly. The owners/staff members/grounds keepers/kitchen staff/bartenders I met were all very friendly, helpful, and fun to be around. I am so happy I got assigned an amazing wedding coordinator (Kathrine Madrigal). She was able to make all of my wedding visions come true, and went above and beyond to make sure I didn't have to stress or worry about anything leading up the to the wedding, during the rehearsal/walk-through, and the actual day of the wedding. The castle itself was immaculate, the photos alone were worth booking this venue. The grounds are well kept, lots of greenery and flowers, the castle itself is so unique, and the canopy rooms photograph beautifully. The food that was served at the wedding was actually better than the food we sampled at our tasting. I was very impressed, and so were my guests. We received so many compliments on how delicious the food was, how strong and tasty the drinks were, how friendly all the staff was, and everyone truly enjoyed themselves amidst a pandemic wedding. The peacocks came out to greet guests, and one of them actually walked in the grass along the stairs when my Dad and I were walking towards the aisle. The cake was delicious, our decorations turned out how I envisioned, and thankfully we had perfect weather. Our photographers couldn't get enough of the place, there were too many beautiful backdrops and areas to choose from. From the stairs, to the gazebo, to the arch walkway, we have over 1,000 photos because we ended up taking pictures everywhere. We might not have had as many guests as we originally planned, but everything worked out how we wanted in the end. The convenience of renting the bridal suite was so worth it. I have so many positive things to say, and overall I have no regrets that I chose Meyers Castle for my wedding venue. Thank you for making our wedding day so special for us, our family, and our friends!


Amazing! Gorgeous! I can’t even put into words to describe the beauty of my wedding at Meyer’s Castle. It was truly something straight out of a fairy tale–I think even Cinderella would be jealous. On Sept 25th 2015 - I slowly walked through the castle holding in my excitement radiating with joy and smiles hand in hand with my fiancé.This was my rehearsal night.I am about to walk into a room where I have been planning for almost year. Eva lead, we followed. As she opened the doors to the ballroom, I was truly speechless. Tears began to fall. I just stood there looking around and around and around. It truly was the most amazing site I have ever seen. Every little detail we spoke about was in the exact place as I imagined. These rooms exceed my expectations. It was beyond and above & it was all thanks to Eva.When planning your wedding you hold this idea, this expectation of your big day–especially now that there is Pinterest. What you don’t expect is the stress & difficulties that come with planning. My husband and I have 12 living grandparents !Eva was our coordinator and I truly believe that if it wasn’t for her–I would have not gotten the fairy tale wedding I dreamed of. Eva was the first person I met when I showed interest & she was with me till the end. We became family through this intense experience. She was there with me through everything. From our bridesmaid dress not being available and having to reorder,my jeweler cracking my diamond a week before the wedding to helping me come up with centerpieces & giving me advice on this or that.She is extremely knowledgeable.I would give her an idea of what I had in mind and she would produce it. Anytime I had a question or was second guessing something–she helped me fix it. Anytime I had a dilemma–she helped my hand through it.She would even check in on me when she didn’t hear from me in a while to just make sure everything was going well.She cared!Eva was my rock especially since I have this huge crazy family.


Fairytale wedding of my DREAMS! 

I grew up loving fairytales, castles and fantastical creatures, and having my wedding at Meyer's Castle was a truly MAGICAL experience!
The scenery is gorgeous, their bridal suite is so fancy (and has a shower! wow!), plenty of space to get ready for the big day while getting pampered, and peacocks running around preening, showing their beautiful teal feathers for everyone to see. What a sight that was! I can't speak highly enough of the owner & crew: Elizabeth, the owner, was so kind to my mother after my fiancé and I decided to postpone our wedding - not once, but TWICE! - due to the pandemic and all of the restrictions surrounding it. I have a lot of family overseas from many different countries and some of them wouldn't have been able to make it if we had to do the wedding on our original date, May 30th of 2020.Carolyn, our day-of coordinator, wasn't there for just the day-of, she was there for us the whole TWO YEARS!! She is super responsive and answered probably like ten thousand questions I've had by now, helped us have two different cake and food tastings on two separate occasions due to all of the time that passed, and was so accommodating in every possible way. Not to mention how she was also extremely helpful during the day-of and helped keep us calm while we felt nervous. Carolyn alone deserves 5 stars! Kate took over our rehearsal dinner the night before and she also helped during the day-of. She is not only extremely professional but super hilarious, too! She made all of us at ease with her down to earth attitude and helped answer all of the last-second odds and ends questions we had when we were feeling frazzled. Lisa, the floral designer, was incredible from start to finish. She sat with us multiple times over the two years to go over color schemes and found the EXACT colors I wanted (slightly more purplish mauve rather than pinkish, etc.) and she helped to deliver the most beautiful floral arrangements that she could come up with within our budget. Lisa is a complete ROCK STAR!! The food was fantastic, the cake flavors we picked were tantalizing - especially their house flavor, creme brulee vanilla! And the accommodated all of our vegetarian friends with an amazing eggplant primavera dish - which I liked so much I had to have it, too!  The venue itself is gorgeous, we had the lounge for our pianist during cocktail hour, which was super classy, and then the reception hall itself is magnificent. Take a look at some of our sneak peak photos - will add more when I get them from our photographer.Thank you Meyer's Castle for facilitating my dream wedding!


Meyer's Castle is AMAZING. This was the first venue that we visited in our search and it ended up being the ONLY one. It really is a hidden treasure right on the border of Illinois & Indiana. It took us about 30-40 min to arrive from Chicago. Being the groom, the thing that really sold this place to me is their speakeasy (lounge) that you can rent as an addition to the designated ball room and reception area. Pretty cool room finished in paneled oak, stone with an old world style fireplace. We used the VIP area for the guys to get ready before. I read in some newspapers that it was built in 1920s during prohibition era, which makes sense as it definitely has that feel. We hired a jazz orchestra from Chicago which was a perfect compliment to our 1920s Great Gatsby theme wedding.


Meyer's Castle was the location of our dream wedding. All of our guests were beyond impressed with the venue & commented on how beautiful and detailed the space was.    We live in Illinois, but decided to choose Meyer's Castle as our wedding destination, because it is only about a 30 min drive from Chicago. This ended up being a very smart way to go, because Indiana didn't have such crazy covid restrictions when compared to Illinois. In 2021 many had to cancel or postpone their weddings because of covid. I was very happy that our wedding happened just as planned. So if you're nervous that the pandemic will possibly try to ruin your plans again- I really recommend to book in Indiana and not Illinois. I had no idea that this place was closer to downtown than most of the north and west suburbs. Crazy.. it always felt like Indiana was further away. By the way, this place has a real peacocks wandering around on their property! Totally unique  for the Chicago area.


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