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Meyer's Castle Destination Luxury Wedding Venue

While all of our guests at Meyer's Castle are genuinely treated like celebrities, we understand the unique needs and challenges of high-profile individuals operating in the public eye. Our experience accommodating the privacy requirements, elite guest services, and next-level entertainment expectations of our upper echelon clientele will ensure a worry-free one-of-a-kind celebration.

Fully-coordinated luxury events as well as professional, seamless collaborations with your own team are hallmarks of our estate’s services. We provide the secure and opulent environment, expert service, experienced planning, world-class cuisine, and inconspicuous attention to every last detail. For a fully confidential discussion about how Meyer's Castle can help bring your celebration expectations to life, please contact us at 219-865-8452 or email


Our commitment to privacy

  • For our high-profile celebrity guests, elite corporate executives, and those who require additional levels of ensured privacy, Meyer's Castle has in-effect established protocols for discreet multi-layer security and staff discretion.

  • Our employees operate under strict privacy and non-disclosure agreements. Any information you provide is safely maintained and used only for the purposes of hosting and organizing your event.

  • To better protect your privacy, we carefully control the individuals permitted on our estate at all times. During each event, no one beyond employees, vendors, and invited guests are allowed on the premises for the duration of your stay.

  • The seclusion of our estate and inconspicuous security of our Castle provides guests with the comfort of knowing that they will be in a relaxed, professional and safe environment far from any prying eyes or outside interruptions.

  • We also provide our event hosts with the option of additional security measures, camera and cell-phone collection from guests, and willing adherence to the signing by our staff of any additional non-disclosure agreements that are requested.

  • Supplementary security checkpoints are available to further fortify screening and vetting of all individuals visiting the Castle prior to and during the scope of your event.

  • If you have any specific needs or questions, please instruct your security service to contact us for privacy and safety protocols not disclosed publicly.

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